Sunday, February 17, 2019

PitchWars!!! (A very belated post...)

On October 12, 2018 I was announced as a PitchWars mentee and it was one of the best moments of my writing life. I’ve followed PitchWars for years and have even applied to the mentorship program before, so I already knew the amazing experiences that could come from it. 

Or at least I thought I knew. 

Nothing could have prepared me for the sense of community and belongingness that came from the other mentees, the friendships I made with my mentors Sabrina Lotfi and Carrie Allen, the amount of work I put into my manuscript, or the confidence I now have.

The last four months have been a blur of writing and revising. That’s clearly true from the fact that I haven’t updated this site in months (!), but I knew my time was better spent on my manuscript. So now that the last edits have been made to HOT BRITISH BOYFRIEND and the Agent Showcase is behind us, I figured it was time to reflect a bit on these last months.

Not only was I lucky enough to get into PitchWars, but one of my closest friends--Kathryn Powers-- also made it in! The night of the announcements we were anxiously texting back and forth, waiting for the website to update. I was a pulsing ball of nerves! Kathryn saw the news first and after LOTS of squeeing, gifs, and dancing, we did the only sane thing we could: celebration pancakes at IHOP at 3am! Lol!

The timing was perfect because we’d already planned a writing retreat in Hocking Hills in November. What a luxury to tuck myself away from the world for a few days and start revising!

Sabrina and Carrie were (and continue to be!) the most amazing cheerleaders as I revised. Here is my very own #TeamGirlPower mug! Over the months, we exchanged presents and way too many emails, DMs, and gifs to count. :)  I’ll always be grateful that they saw the potential in my manuscript and also gave me the direction to make it even better.

I’m not going to say PitchWars was easy. Absolutely NOT. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, particularly because I was balancing family and a full-time job while doing it. For months I spent every night in my office, revising and revising and revising

And I couldn’t be happier. 

No matter what the future holds, this is an experience that I’ll always hold dear to me. I’m so sad that it’s over! But, as Carrie told me, it’s only the end of the beginning.