Saturday, August 11, 2018

Another Exercise in Visualization

The summer continues to fly by quicker than I'd like. In only a few weeks I'll be back to teaching at OSU. It's a particularly bittersweet time too because my son is starting kindergarten this week. I'm excited for him, but also sad because he's growing up. It's definitely a new phase of life!

I used the end of June and July to brainstorm about my new WIP, a Middle Grade fantasy that I’m calling The Fairy Gardener. I wrote the rough draft last May, but it was clear I needed to do a lot of work on worldbuilding, character motivation, and--you know--filling plot holes before I began revising. 

In order to visualize what I had and what needed to be added, I pulled out my trusty IKEA paper roll and all my highlighters! I’ve used different tricks with my other manuscripts (see here and here and here), but this made the most sense for now. Plus, I’ll be able to tape this to the wall in my office as I jump into my revision!

Color-coded highlighters for the win!
Beginning a big revision is always intimidating, but I have to remember that I've done it before and it will get easier as I make more progress!

And below is my July calendar. I took off every Saturday this month so I could spent time with family and friends and I have no regrets!