Thursday, February 1, 2018

2018 Goals!

It's time again to list my goals for the year. Every year I try to challenge myself, but also set goals that I can accomplish without help from other people (like agents or editors). Hopefully I've done a good job with the goals this year. So, without further ado...

2018 Writing Goals:

  1.        Finish YA contemporary novel and start querying in early 2018!
  2.        Complete Story Genius and read comp books for new novel
  3.        Start a first draft of new YA novel in May
  4.        Revise MG fantasy novel during the later summer months
  5.        Begin revising new YA at the end of 2018
  6.        Write at least one PB manuscript and revise others
  7.        Attend 1-2 SCBWI conferences
  8.        Read more novels this year than I did last year

      Hmm, I can't tell if this is a good challenge or totally insane! But I *think* I can do it, and if that's the case than it means I usually can. Now I just need to get started!

S    Speaking of which, here's my calendar page for January. Given that I took on extra teaching this semester, I'm pleased with the amount I accomplished. Hopefully it'll continue throughout the year! 

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