Friday, June 2, 2017

MayNoWriMo Update: Week 3

I did it!!

I "won" MayNoWriMo again this year by finishing my first draft. To be fair, I didn't actually hit my word count--I'd been hoping for 40,000 words for this MG--but I'm fine with it. The more important thing is that I wrote an ending and the SFD is DONE.


My final word tally for the month

A first draft in 3 weeks--not too shabby! :)

Of course, it needs work. A LOT of work. But it's still a great feeling to know that I have an entire other story waiting for me when I'm ready to start. It used to take me so long to write a first draft, and I think that fast drafting is definitely the way to go for me. I'm a little sad it's over already.

Here's my monthly calendar as well. All that maroon is associated with writing. It's almost hard to believe how much I wrote this month. Practically every single day. The rest of the summer will be more challenging now that I have a class to teach, but I hope to keep up this momentum.

Next, I'm off to the Indiana SCBWI conference this weekend. It should be a great way to cap off a very productive writing month!

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