Monday, January 23, 2017

2017 Goals!

Every year during January, I create a new set of writing goals for the year and post it on my blog. It’s a little intimidating knowing that theoretically the entire world can see what I hope to accomplish this year…

but it’s also very motivating.

It keeps me honest (unless I come back and edit this post later in the year, but of course I would never do that!) and it keeps me focused. One of my favorite things to do is come back to this post at the end of the year and see how many goals I completed. I’ve done well the past few years and I’m hoping to keep the streak alive again in 2017.

So, here it goes (drum roll please):

1)      Continue querying
2)      Finish the revision on my new YA manuscript by the end of March.
3)      Finish another round of revisions by mid-summer.
4)      Finish further round(s) of revision by the end of 2017.
5)      Attend 1-2 SCBWI conferences
6)      Go back to Highlights for a retreat
7)      Write a new PB

Alright, that seems doable…probably. Challenging by achievable.

The best thing about these goals is that, with few exceptions, they are all within my power to accomplish. I’m not going to set goals about agents or deals or publications because other people make the decisions about that. All I can do is keep working and believing.

I’m also starting a new calendar system to track my daily progress. My sticker calendars worked well for a long time, but then I got a little off track at the end of 2016. (I blame the election, like I do for most things.)

Now, I have a pretty color-coded rainbow system and I’m really liking it. The more colors the better! Plus, my friend Kathryn and I motivate ourselves to work with the promise of Chinese buffets, so I’ve always got that going for me. ;)

2016 was a really productive year and I think 2017 might be even better! Here’s hoping!