Friday, May 20, 2016

MayNoWriMo Update #2

Another week, another update!

I'm now 2 weeks into MayNoWriMo. I kept up with my word count goals this week, but it was HARD at times. I've never written a substantial amount every day of the week. There was one day (this Wednesday) where I wrote almost 4,000 words. That felt like an amazing accomplishment...but then the next day I had to wake up and do it all over again. I definitely understand why people need encouragement, daily charts, etc, etc when they're doing NaNoWriMo!

One upside of these daily goals is that I now have a new writing technique to help me reach my word count each day:


Sometimes I just can't sit at a desk or on a couch any longer. I can't sit at all. When the weather is nice, I've been going for a walk during the afternoon. It's amazing how the words start to flow as soon as I'm moving again.

I don't have a good dictation app on my phone right now so the dictation is messy to say the least. But I'm finding that I'm a lot less critical of myself when I just say what comes to mind instead of having to type it. Of course, that means that sometimes I say some pretty dumb stuff, but overall I can't tell a big difference between typing and dictation in terms of first draft quality. But I see a hell of a difference in time.

Now I just need a dictation app that knows when I say Dev (an important character in the book), I don't mean Devil.  That would be a very different book!

The plan for the next week is: keep writing.

I've crossed the 25,000 word mark (technically I've almost hit 40k because I wrote a good amount over my Christmas break). Hopefully I can add another 12-13k in this next week.

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