Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Updates

Well, September is always a busy month and this year was no exception! School is in full swing now, there are multiple birthdays to celebrate (including mine!), and the Northern Ohio SCBWI conference to attend.

Speaking of the conference, I’d be amiss if I didn’t at least briefly talk about what a wonderful time I had there! This is one of my favorite conferences to attend each year because I have a group of friends/fellow writers who also attend and I love getting to catch up with them. Rather than being stressful or intimidating, conference day is like an awesome interlude from everyday life. As usual, the speakers were wonderful and I left my manuscript critique feeling encouraged.

Of course, classes, conferences, and birthdays do limit the amount of time I have every week to write. One of the biggest differences I’ve noticed is how much more important prioritizing becomes once classes are back in session. During the summer I could write during the first part of the day, listen to audiobooks while driving, and still have time to read in the evenings. Now, I can only choose one or maybe two of these activities per day. It’s always a hard transition after a luxuriating summer, but I think I’m finally getting readjusted to my new schedule. And, luckily, I have inspiring conferences and trips to keep me motivated! Up next: the Rutgers One-on-One conference!!

Here’s my September update. Not too bad, but I’m hoping to get a few more stickers on the page in October!  

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