Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My June Update

Another month, another calendar page. Can I just take a second to say how sad I am to see these summer months flying by? I feel like I’m watching a movie where the calendar pages are literally flying off the wall like there’s a tornado nearby or something.

June was a very different month from May, writing-wise. For one thing, I started teaching again so I don’t have any more full writing days. Sigh. I also took a break from working on my WIP so that beta readers could read it. That has been a nice break, but it also meant I didn’t have the same writing goals I usually have. Instead, I  researched my next project, wrote 10,000 words on a first draft, did some beta reading for a good friend, and enjoyed lots of reading time. J

Maybe I wasn't as insanely productive this month as I was in May, but that's still a lot of stickers! 

I’m back to the grindstone in July. Plenty more revisions in my future...and hopefully plenty of stickers too!

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