Friday, June 12, 2015

A Crafty Post

I don't know if this post should officially fit under the "writing" theme, but I'd consider it to be tangential at least. It's supporting my writing--literally.

I made a new pillow for my writing chair and it turned out so cute that I had to share it!

I added little ribbons and details to sort of make the fabric look like book bindings.
It's a "bookshelf" quilt pattern and I LOVE it.  :)

Each strip of fabric is supposed to represent a different book on a shelf (if that wasn't clear). My real bookshelf isn't nearly this floral or pink, but maybe I need to start buying books based on those criteria.

I would totally make an entire quilt if I had the time, but that's clearly not happening for awhile. The pillow was a pretty quick project (less than a week) and I couldn't think of a more perfect pillow for me.  :)

It fits right in, right?!  ;)

 I may need to start making a bunch more for the rest of the house!

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