Friday, October 3, 2014

It’s All About Timing

I’ve been working on the current draft of my YA manuscript for many months now, and I’m this close to finally being finished with the draft.  Now, knowing my schedule, ‘this close’ probably still means another month, but I’m very excited. I’m also a little nervous.  I’m not sure why because it’s not like I’m going to be querying this project soon—it still needs a pretty decent overhaul on the next draft and then a lot of tidying up after that—but for some reason I’m finding it difficult to write the last few chapters. I guess it’s because the climax is such an important part of any book and I don’t want to completely mess it up…and finishing means I have to start all over again on my next draft. Blah.

Given my nerves, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that my brain went ahead and created a nifty little solution to my dilemma: Write something new!  I was writing multiple choice questions for one of my exams last week when—pop!—an idea for a new story materialized in my brain. It completely took me by surprise because I’m actually not one of those writers that has pages and pages of book ideas hidden away in journals and scribbled on receipts. I have a few things running around my brain, but nothing that really stands out as a truly viable next project (particularly if this manuscript goes unsold). 

When I do come up with ideas, I tend to just get the barest bones of an idea and then it takes me time to work through all the details before I feel comfortable with it. This new idea was so different from all that. It came to me with basically no effort on my part, all of my major characters and plot lines intact, and with the resolution of the story already clear to me.  What?! I can never clearly see the endings of my books while I’m writing them. I usually come up with something that I think is the ending and then get to the end and realize it’s crap and I need to come up with something else. Good Lord, I’m still working on the ending of my current WIP and this has been a story that’s consumed all my writing focus for the last year+! And, not only was this new plot clear to me, but I actually had to stay up late one night so that I could write out literal scenes and pieces of dialogue for the climax. Talk about unheard of.

It’s been almost a week and I’m still pretty excited for this new story, but another part of me is thinking seriously?! This is the worst timing to have this great new idea because all its doing is distracting me from finishing my current WIP. Actually, I think that’s exactly what my unconscious mind was going for, which means my brain is equal parts devious and lazy.

However, I’m not going to fall for it. I’ve put way too much time into this current project to be derailed right now. This next project is just going to have to wait…but in the meantime I might start making some pinterest inspiration boards. You know, just for fun. 

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