Friday, July 4, 2014

Revising (...and partying!)

So, in the week + since I registered for my Highlights workshop, I’ve basically been doing two things. The first, unsurprisingly, is working on my manuscript before I have to send it off to be critiqued by the workshop leaders.  Even though I know that this workshop is devoted to revising, I don’t want to wait until I get there to make some of my revisions (particularly ones where I know—or think I know—what changes need to be made).  I’m sure I’ll have more than enough new edits to make when I get back so I might as well accomplish as much as possible before then. 

The second task I worked on last week was hosting my son’s 2nd birthday party.  Totally unrelated to writing, but I couldn’t hold myself back from mentioning it and posting some pictures.  We decided to do a Paddington Bear theme. Come to think of it, I guess there is a bit of a writing tie-in here since Paddington Bear picture books are some of the most classic and popular PB books sold in the UK.  I’m a total Anglophile so Paddington Bear is right up my alley, but I know most people in the US (including some of the guests) don’t know a lot about him. He really is very cute and I’d recommend getting a few books out of the library sometime if you’ve never read them.  I actually did exactly that and decorated the whole first floor with books.  Fun!  (And cheap—even better!) Plus, I enjoyed doing something a little different instead of Elmo or Spiderman.  Of course, I know I’ve got plenty of that in my future as well! Below are a few photos of the big event.

Lots of Paddington Bear books as decorations on the bookshelves.

More books on the shelves. We also took pictures of L in a blue PB coat and strung them on the fireplace as decorations. 

Here are some pictures of the cake.

And some photos of all the yummy food, complete with coordinating luggage tags so none of the guests got confused about what they were eating.  ;)

Now I’m back to revising again. I’ll let you know how it goes when I come up for air.

And Happy 4th of July!  Hope you enjoy the fireworks!

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